The company implements talent strategy and deepens internal reform.

On March 12th, the company passed a resolution to renew a five-year human resources service contract with China Overseas Enterprises. This contract aims to seek better welfare and development opportunities for the company's employees, and also provides the benefits of a comprehensive human resources solution.

According to the contract, China Overseas Enterprises will provide a series of human resources services to the company, including but not limited to recruitment, training, performance management, compensation and benefits, labor contract management, and other services to provide comprehensive service guarantees for company employees.

The signing of this contract is not only beneficial to the career development and welfare of the company's employees, but also helps the company promote enterprise transformation, upgrading, and innovation. The advantage of a comprehensive human resources solution lies in its ability to integrate human resources management work of various departments within the company, avoiding information silos and business decentralization in human resources management, improving management efficiency and work quality, and reducing the company's management costs and risks.

This human resources service contract is another measure for our company to implement talent strategy and deepen internal reform. The company will continue to focus on the career development and welfare of employees, repay their contributions and support with better services, and lay a solid foundation for the company's long-term development.